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    What is Automation?
    We specialize in Industrial Automation services, providing advanced solutions such as EMS (Energy Management Systems) and BMS (Building Management Systems) to optimize energy usage and streamline facility management. With our expertise in panel designing, we offer customized solutions that seamlessly integrate into industrial environments, ensuring efficient control and monitoring of automated systems. Our SCADA (Supervisory, Control, and Data Acquisition) development expertise enables real-time monitoring and control of industrial processes, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and maximize operational effectiveness. As your trusted partner, we undertake end-to-end projects, from design to installation and commissioning, enabling businesses to optimize manufacturing processes and achieve greater reliability. Additionally, we offer comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation and longevity of your industrial automation systems.
    1. Monitoring the installation of the panel, doing a pre-test before it is powered on, and examining the panel's power sources.
    2. Prior to Commissioning.(Panel IO testing; loop verification from panel to the field in accordance with final IO list).
    3. Project commissioning in accordance with the procedure description. (On-site SCADA & Logic modification necessary due to site requirement)
    4. Reports on the Project Handover.
    We are specialists in PLC/DCS system, SCADA system, and PLC/DCS logic programme troubleshooting on Rockwell Platform, Instruments. maintenance, programming of indicators and controllers, and troubleshooting
    Services provided :
    We conduct a plant and existing install base of automation systems survey prior to the start of AMC. According to this agreement, AAPL will provide the following services:
    1. Periodic testing of the PLC hardware and HMI software that have been deployed.
    2. Research past warnings and incidents for suggestions on software and hardware upgrades to improve system stability.
    3. A virus check is performed on the existing SCADA system.
    4. Verifying Earth Pits, Power Supplies, and Panel Wiring.
    5. Verifying firmware, software licence updates, and activation on products still under warranty.
    6. Creating data, software, and logic backups.
    7. Software can have minor corrections made as and when necessary.
    A contract for annual preventive maintenance and services is available on a part-time, full-time, or as-needed basis. Over the course of your maintenance strategy, we assist you in meeting your unique needs.
    Plant Automation
    By placing sensors at tens of thousands of locations around the plant to collect data on temperatures, pressures, flows, and other variables, process automation makes this easier. A computer is used to store and analyse the data, and a huge screen in the control room can be used to monitor the entire facility and every piece of production machinery.
    The operating parameters of the plant are then automatically changed to produce the best production. When necessary, plant personnel can manually override the process automation systems.
    SRP Automation
    When it is both environmentally and financially possible, solvent recovery is standard practise because solvents are frequently the main waste product in the production of API and pharmaceuticals.
    Test Bench Automation
    We provide test bench solution for motor & transformer testing in industries. Our electric motor test bench offers a broad range of services for current and future technology trends. we can offer the full spectrum of tests for individual electric motors with high power efficiency.
    PSG System
    In processes where steam or its condensate could come into contact with a pharmaceutical or medical product and cause contamination, clean steam is employed in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. As a result of the possibility of boiler additives, rust, or other undesirable components, steam from a commercial boiler is inappropriate in certain situations. The GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise) guideline governs the usage of clean steam. These are standard guidelines for pharmaceutical manufacturing that are described in code FDA CFR 21.
    Furnace Automation
    Real-time control of the heat production is implemented by furnace automation. Their shared goal is to use fuel as efficiently as possible while maintaining the required standards for the heated stock's quality. However, they are necessary for both product quality and energy efficiency, thus the are included.
    Centralized Data Monitoring
    A capability for indicating and continually logging data for several plant parameters at a single system that makes it simple to collect data from signal systems is known as centralised data monitoring.
    Effluent Treatment Plant Automation
    Because water is essential to life, treating it is a huge chore, and automating wastewater treatment plants is a fantastic way to do it.
    Auto Layer Seperation
    Liquid layers on the basis of conductivity, layers are separated automatically to reduce waste.
    Reactor Automation
    The most valuable things in industries are the utilities, which include steam, nitrogen, and hydrogen for process, as well as chilling, cooling, and hot water. Reactor automation can reduce the amount of these utilities that are wasted.
    Single Fluid Heating Cooling System
    A single fluid system with utilities for the crucial process is a master solution for valuable temperature control.
    Tank Form Automation
    The greatest way to avoid or minimise waste when distributing the primary process fluid from one tank to various plants and reactors is through automation.
    PH Controlling
    The majority of the process included preserving PH. The greatest remedy for this is PH control, which makes PH maintenanc simple.
    FDC Automation
    The production, which is our main objective, can greatly profit from the power-full automation of the fractional distillation column.